We know why we need to accelerate climate action; the question is how?

Real meaningful change must take place at every level of society – from individual citizens to communities, businesses, cities and Governments. This is why COP26 and other global environment summits are so important. World leaders must commit to ambitious targets and initiate the plans to achieve them, and they should feel pressure to do so from citizens themselves taking action, as well as organisations large and small signing up to the Race to Zero. This will support a greener built environment, making the sustainable ideas you see in the Build Better Now exhibition a ‘must-do’ not a ‘nice-to-have’.

This is why your voice and your actions are so important – every little counts! So please do sign up to one or more of the below commitments and join us in our mission to tackle the climate and ecological crisis.

A more responsible and sustainable built environment is within our grasp. We must Build Better Now.

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Your commitments

This is where the change can happen at scale and the whole built environment system can be transformed! Green policies are needed, so let’s continue to demand for them. All the themes you see in the Build Better Now exhibition and event series lead to a more sustainable built environment and should be supported by governments around the world:
#CircularEconomy #Biodiversity #MMC #Research #UltraLowEnergy #Renewables #Retrofit #Materials #GreenFinance #Education
Individuals don’t always have control over the construction of their home and some sustainable technologies are expensive to install. But YOU can still make a difference with #Energyefficiency improvements, #RenewableEnergy planning, encouraging #Biodiversity and #CircularEconomy or #ReduceReuseRecycle thinking.
Getting your workplace to support green initiatives is where you can make a real impact. The UNFCC backed Race to Zero campaign should be your first point of call at an organisational level.
All companies can support with #Energyefficiency improvements, #RenewableEnergy planning #CircularEconomy thinking, supporting #Research and pushing for governmental change.